1. Chinese medicine in the treatment of ketamine abuse (HKBU-UGC Matching Grant, Hong Kong, HK$ 196,000) 2012—2014


2. Development of program on multi-therapeutic approach to osteoarthritis of the knee and low back pain  (HA105/48 PT2, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong,HK$275,000) 2008—2009


3. Provision of systematic review of CHF for the treatment of common chronic diseases (HOC172-06, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong, HK$ 495,000) 2007—2008


4. Short-term and long-term effects of Chinese herbal medicine in drug detoxification: a series of meta-analyses (BDF070001, Beat Drugs Fund, Hong Kong, HK$ 267,696) 2007—2008


5. Meta-analysis on Chinese herbal formulae in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (FRG/06-07/I-18, HKBU, Hong Kong, HK$ 40,000) 2007—2008


6. Chinese herbs in the treatment of heroin withdrawal syndrome: a meta-analysis for measurementdata  (FRG/05-06/I-50, HKBU, Hong Kong, HK$ 40,000) 2006—2007

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