1. International standardization of TCM: general methodology. 2013. RMB 2 million.


2. Anti-arthritic herbal product patent project. HKBU. 2012. HK dollar 1 million.


3. TCM development and expertise in clinic: interview with TCM experts. 2010. RMB 500,000.


4. Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases with TCM approaches. 2009. RMB1.5 million.


5. Clinical trial design and monitor for Danghong injection and Xiyanping. polishment. 2010. RMB 1.6 million.


6. Pharmacological evaluation for Shenlingcao oral liquid. 2009. RMB 700,000.

7. Key techniques in TCM pharmacological evaluation. National Key Project. 2009. RMB 7.5 million.


8. Methodology in TCM research. Ministry of Science and Technology. 2009. RMB 2 million.


9. TCM pattern diagnosis and clinical efficacy. Natural Science Foundation of China (Elite Young Scientist Foundation). 2008. RMB 2 million.


10. Gene expression profile of TCM cold and hot pattern in RA. Natural Science Foundation of China. 2007. RMB 350,000.


11. Clinical evaluation of RA treated with TCM approaches. National 11th Five year plan project. 2007. Ministry of Science and Technology. RMB 7.5 million.



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