1.  The Development of Evidence-based Integrative Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines in Hong Kong. Fong Yun-Wah Research Fund. HK$1,200,000 (2015-2017).


2.  Establishment of a Chinese Medicine Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) in Hong Kong Baptist University. HKBU Strategic Development Fund (SDF), HK$3,000,000 (2015-2018).


3.  Acupuncture in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): A Cross-over Randomized Controlled Clinical Study. Fong Yun-Wah Research Fund, HK$1,200,000 (2014-2016).


4.  A Randomized Controlled Trial of Tian Jiu Therapy for Allergic Rhinitis. Marcoda Co Ltd Research Fund, HK$960,000 (2014-2016).


5.  Traditional Chinese Medicine for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Efficacy Confirmation and Basic Mechanism Study, HKBU/IRMS, HK$1,500,000 (2012-2015) {on going}.


6.  Chinese herbal medicine for functional constipation: a prospective double blinded double dummy randomized controlled study. HHSRF, Health and Health Services Research Fund, Research Council, Hong Kong, HK$996,600 (2012-2015) {on going}.


7.  Research about methodology of Syndrome differentiation in Randomized controlled trial. National Natural Science Foundation, China, RMB600,000 (2012-2015) {on going}.


8.  Systematic review on the treatment of HBV and prevention of Liver Complications using Chinese herbal medicine, Hospital Authority of Hong Kong, HK$229,260.00 (2009-2010).


9.  Systematic review on the prevention and treatment for major side effects of cancer and western therapies using acupuncture and /or Chinese herbal medicine, Hospital Authority of Hong Kong, HK$229,260 (2009-2010).


10.  Toward Drug Development of JCICM-16-02 Formula for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Co-PI), Hong Kong Jockey club institute of Chinese Medicine Ltd. ICM/4-7, HK$7,348,000 (2008-2010).


11.  A Randomized controlled Trial of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of functional constipation, Health and Health Service Research Fund, Hong Kong, HWF CR3-6-3921. HK$464,580 (2007-2009).


12.  Chinese Herbal Medicine for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: From Basic Mechanism to Clinical Cure (JCICM-16-02 revised). Hong Kong Jockey club institute of Chinese Medicine Ltd. ICM/16-02, HK$4,780,000 (2005-2007).


13.  Chinese herbal medicine for functional constipation, from basic to clinical usage. WOOFO Medical Foundation, HK$1,000,000 (2004-2007).


14.  Standardization of Chinese diagnosis about syndrome of IBS, BCMIC, HK$488,000 (2003-2005).


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