The progress meeting of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinical Study Centre was held on Dec. 9th, 2015

December 16, 2015

Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinical Study Centre (CMCS) was established in Sep. 2014. During this year, CMCS has obtained series of projects on Chinese Medicine clinical trials and standardization of Chinese Medicine. Therefore, on Dec. 9th, 2015, CMCS held the progress meeting to summarize the current projects and discuss future plan.


In past one year, the main works of CMCS included clinical trial design and implementation, standardization strategies for TCM, clinical practice guidelines development and so on. Through everyone’s efforts, CMCS has already published several high-quality papers and achieved significant progress. In future, CMCS aims to establish a platform and develop a series of guidelines to help investigators to design high-quality clinical trials. In addition, CMCS will also conduct large-scale translational medicine studies and new drug discovery studies, not only to verify and exhibit the effectiveness and safety, but also to promote the internationalization of Chinese Medicine.


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