Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinical Study Centre (CMCS) was established in Sep. 2014 and it is the only centre which focuses on Chinese Medicine (CM) clinical trial in Hong Kong. The centre was initiated by Prof. Aiping Lu and Prof. Zhaoxiang Bian. The mission of CMCS includes to create a dynamic institute that enables its academic faculty to develop, demonstrate, and implement innovative models of clinical research in integrative and Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, mainland China and all over the world to earn its leading role and reputation of Hong Kong Baptist University in this field, which also aims to meet the requirement of “Innovative Research” by “Strategic Themes and Actions in Vision 2020 in Hong Kong Baptist University”.

The objectives of this centre are to provide multidisciplinary health professions a synergistic collaboration platform to perform high-quality Chinese Medicine Clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas, whilst fostering a joined-up approach to make full use of resources and expertise in Hong Kong Baptist University.

The goals of this centre are to establish an outstanding unit to conduct clinical trials in Chinese Medicine to integrate pharmacological, biological & clinical research and to offer education and services in clinical trial design, oversight and analysis of clinical trial results with the aim of improving the health outcomes of patients.

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